Need some inexpensive entertainment? Are you an animal lover? Visit There are lots of pictures of kittens doing adorable things like sharing a pizza, posing like sexy men, dressed up in costumes, and more. You’ll also find some videos to brighten your day. As an added bonus, you’ll find tips on how to keep your cat healthy. By the way, pizza isn’t supposed to be on Kitty’s diet.

Kittens With an Appetite for Pizza

There are lots of adorable pictures of kittens. One guy is treating his kitten to a slice of pizza while another kitten decided to steal a bite from his owner’s slice of pizza while he was eating it. You’ll find lots of great pictures, including a kitten sitting at the head of the dining room table, enjoying his slice of pizza. One kitten liked to rest in a nearly empty pizza box. He looked as though he was asking people if they still wanted that last slice of pizza.

Kittens With Hats

This site has at least 20 pictures of kittens wearing all types of hats. Here’s a really cute picture of a black and white kitten wearing a knitted hat with rabbit ears at the top. Another kitten has a hat made out of construction paper. It’s suppose to resemble a sandwich. At the top, is a note stuck on with a plastic tooth pick. The note says Sorry I took ur food. Ahoy Mate! This feline is wearing a pirate hat. Next, feast your eyes on a kitty in a small chef’s hat. After that, here is a lovely blue knit tam hat with an adorable kitty beneath it. There are plenty more on

Cats in a Mess

They say curiosity killed the cat. These cats are adorable and far from getting killed. Here is an adorable little kitty with his head sticking through a hole in the side of a large cardboard box. Look at this lovely blond tied up in blue cord as he rests on nice soft grass. Anyone for cat in a bag? This cat is just hanging around, in a CVS bag on the coat closet doorknob. There are more pictures of cats and kittens getting stuck in all kinds of messes.

Cartoon Cats

What would adorable kittens be without pictures of your favorite cartoon feline stars? There are plenty of these. You’ve heard of some of these cartoon cats. No celebrity cat picture gallery would be complete without Tom from Tom and Jerry.These pals have been together since 1940. Stage right we have Snagglepuss, the most favorite mountain lion in the world. If you want to see more, just come to this site.